Trusting someone with your hair color can be a bit scary, but not when you trust the talented staff at Savant Salon. We offer numerous hair coloring processes, all of which can make you feel shiny and new once complete. Some of our hair color services include double-process hair color, color gloss, balayage, and highlights. Whatever you want you hair to look like, we can find a way to develop the color you desire.

*All of our color services have a varied price range that depends on the thickness, length, and density of the hair.


Single process means that a new color or toner will be applied to your hair to create a new base color. If you are wanting to start from scratch with your hair or you are just interested in having a more straightforward hue, single process is likely the way to go. — $85+


Double process is most often used when you want to lighten your hair more than two shades. If you are needing to go from a brunette to a blonde bombshell, two-process is recommended.— $150+

Color Gloss

Love your color but want to show it and the rest of your hair some love? A gloss treatment will give your locks extra shine, volume, and enhance your color immensely. This process is the difference between good hair and great hair.— $85+


This process, coming from a French word meaning “to sweep”, is a way of highlighting the hair that allows you to have beautifully colored locks that are not high maintenance. The colors blend perfectly with a Balayage look, giving your hair a gorgeous beachy glow.  — $160-450+

Partial Highlights

If you want to liven up your hair a bit but aren’t ready to fully commit to a lighter look, you can opt to have partials placed perfectly all over your head, framing your beautiful face. This process gives strands of color to up to 30 foils. — $125-250

Full Highlights

Brighten up your look by getting a full head of highlights. There are few things better than taking your hair from dull to golden. Amp up your color! — $160-250


Seeking a New Salon for Hair Coloring Services?

With talented and experienced hairdressers, high-quality products, and your happiness in mind, we ensure you that you won’t find a better salon than Savant. If you live in the Atlanta area and you are in need of finding a salon that can provide you with flawless and friendly service, Savant Salon is should be your next call. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your hair! We look forward to seeing you soon.